After the fanfare start of free agency, LeBron’s viral message!


It didn’t take long for things to pick up in the free agent market, including for the Lakers. LeBron James also took the opportunity to speak on social networks … but not about Californians, since he greeted another actor from free agency instead.

Of all the franchises, the Lakers are perhaps the most active since the start of hostilities. In just a few hours, no less than four players have signed in the City of Angels. We count in particular the expected extension of Rui Hachimura, but also the arrival of elements like Gabe Vincent or Taurean Prince who make it possible to add intriguing rotations to the workforce.

On top of that, it turns out that players like Austin Reaves or D’Angelo Russell are still waiting to get a contract, which means the Purples and Golds may be able to keep them for less than expected. Excellent news for the leaders of Los Angeles, but also for LeBron James who wants to fight for a fifth title next year and who is following events very closely.

LeBron admiring the work done by his agent Rich Paul

Interestingly, the Chosen One has also spoken on Twitter, but not to comment on the signatures operated by the Californian franchise. Instead, it was his agent Rich Paul who got the praise, the latter having negotiated a host of huge contracts for his other clients in recent hours. According to LBJ, it is therefore impossible to question its GOAT status in its field!

And y’all wanna question Rich Paul being the boss 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That says a lot about you. I told him « the less there is, the more there is », we are enough like that

130 million over three years for Fred VanVleet, 160 million over five years for Jerami Grant, 100 million over four years for Draymond Green : impossible to deny it, the long-time associate of the King has done a tremendous job to ensure that his players are handsomely paid. Klutch Sports is more than ever a stronghold among NBA players and for fans, Adele’s companion would be capable of all miracles.

Rich Paul could get a $70-an-hour deal for a drive-thru McDonalds employee

While LeBron is already under contract with the Lakers, Rich Paul can calmly take care of the other players he represents and the least we can say is that he has not lost his hand. It remains to be seen what other craziness he can still accomplish behind the scenes of the league in the days to come!


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