After the buzz of the video, comedian Jérémy Ferrari rewards his fans

The native of Charleville-Mézières did not remain insensitive to the humor of two of his fans, from the city of Gonzague.

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D them seats and a meeting with their favorite comedian. Catherine and Lylian have not shunned their pleasure for a few days after the gift that Jérémy Ferrari has just given them.

This summer, this young couple from Carolomacériens, fan of Jérémy Ferrari, had played the card of humor by posting a hilarious photo taken on the edge of the ring road. The artist, a native of the city of Gonzague, had relayed the post and replied to Catherine and Lylian via his Instagram account. « The goal was to promote his Zénith tour to try to win places… And even if we don’t have a Zénith in Charleville-Mézières, we still tried our luck “, still confided, a few days ago, Catherine, a young micro-entrepreneur.

And his companion to specify: “We didn’t do this to grab places but it’s really fun. Especially if we can also have the chance to meet him backstage.

A well-deserved reward

Today, the couple asks only one question: “The places give us the possibility of seeing it everywhere in France. But we know his show by heart for having seen it several times. Maybe we’ll wait for the next one. Alright, we’ll see…”

Jérémy Ferrari, for his part, kept his word. After relaying the video of Catherine and Lylian, he announced that they deserved a reward. It is now done.

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