After the buzz, LeBron reveals when he will finally go bald!

Mocked for his recalcitrant hair for years, LeBron James recently made believe that he had accepted his baldness, with what finally turned out to be a filter. Launched on the subject, the King has no illusions about the future!

Year after year, some players shock fans and observers with their appearance when their franchise returns. Whether it’s weight loss or weight gain, these transformations always make a lot of noise at this time of the NBA calendar. LeBron Jameshe, on the other hand, is still in top form, including at the dawn of his 20th campaign in the league.

Obviously at the rendezvous for the Media Day of the Lakers, this Monday, the King showed up as fit as always, determined to stay in top form throughout the season. At the microphone of Spectrum SportsNethe also indicated that he was not suffering from any glitches at the moment, and that he does not intend to slow down on the physical level in the coming months:

I am in perfect health. I remodeled a lot of things in my diet this summer, just to be even more in tune with my body. I always see the season as a marathon, and here I am at the starting line. So, I prepared my body so that it could go the distance, month after month, and be ready for this moment. People say the sky is the limit, but I want to go higher than that.

LeBron announces the imminent arrival of his baldness

If the James machine is obviously not about to seize up, it’s hard to say the same about his hair. Bothered by hair concerns for a long time, LBJ upset Internet users a few days ago using a filter making him bald. A vision that should not take long to come back to reality according to him!

It happens ! Listen, I see this as my career. I spent 20 years in the NBA, but I no longer have 20 years in my legs. Same with my hair. They’ve been around for 20 years, but they won’t be around in 20 years. For now, I leave them short, I think I’m pretty good like that! A lot of people were disappointed, like, “Nah, you’ve gone to the dark side! No, I’m always on the safe side, but thanks for caring! (Laughs)

While waiting for the arrival of this day, he will therefore continue to suffer spikes on his hair, sometimes more borderline than others.

Still as dashing physically, LeBron James expects on the other hand to have to make a final cross on his hair very soon. Perhaps he will decide to fire it when he puts an end to his career, which still leaves him a little leeway!

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