After the big fight, Steph Curry reframes cash Draymond Green!

While the planet NBA gravitates around the Sun Victor Wembanyama, the Warriors must manage a rather worrying situation before the start of the season: Draymond Green would have violently attacked Jordan Poole… As a good captain, Stephen has just reframed his old teammate.

The Warriors are lucky, the NBA microcosm only has eyes for Victor Wembanyama in recent days, so no one really talks about the big altercation between Draymond Green, considered the soul of this franchise, and Jordan Poole, the successor to Klay Thompson. However, this incident could have consequences for the start of the season for Steve Kerr’s men, and more after the shocking footage of the punch is revealed.

After the title won against the Celtics to everyone’s surprise, the 4th in the last 8 seasons, Golden State should have surfed on the euphoria of success and on the collective experience that drives this group to climb to the heights of the conference. West. But obviously there are tensions, which risks putting sand in this machine that is usually so well oiled.

Stephen Curry flies to the rescue of Jordan Poole!

It was the young rear who was quickly implicated, since according to some insiders he would be particularly arrogant since the recovery. Eligible for a huge extension in the coming months, Jordan Poole would have taken the big head, which would have led to the ire of Draymond Green. A hypothesis clearly swept away by Stephen Currywho came to the defense of his young teammate.

There was one tweet in particular that said Jordan Poole changed his attitude since starting training camp or even before… This is massive bullshit. Andre Iguodala made that clear on Twitter yesterday: Jordan has been great from the start. There is nothing that could have justified yesterday’s situation. It’s terrible when mere speculation becomes fact. It’s unfair to Jordan…

According to Stephen Curry, the altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole was not caused by the haughty attitude of the latter or his arrogance. The young rear would be exemplary since the start of the training camp, and nothing could therefore justify his « aggression ». A good way to make his friend Dray understand that he will have to learn to manage his emotions so as not to let his mood get in the way of the Warriors, especially given the overwhelming images.

And then, in such a situation, it’s a safe bet that the insider information comes directly from the source, or at least from Draymond’s entourage. The Chief does not want Jordan Poole to suffer from a bad reputation following this fight, and he therefore hastened to clear him in front of the press. The start of the season is in any case very strange in the Bay…

While the NBA world is passionate about the exploits of Victor Wembanyama, the Warriors must manage an explosive affair internally. Draymond Green got completely carried away with his young teammate, which could leave traces throughout the season. Vibe…

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