After the accusations, the Ja Morant clan strikes back… in a ridiculous way!


Still awaiting his suspension, Ja Morant knows he will miss a good part of next season with the Grizzlies. We finally know a little more about this story, and in particular about the player’s defense. But not sure if it really helps…

The Grizzlies know that their next season will be quite complex, without their best player for a good part of the year. Ja Morant will be suspended by the NBA after the Finals, but no one is sure for how long. Some talk about 41 games, while others hope that Morant will not set foot on the floor for the whole season.

Ja Morant defends himself after the attacks!

We have at least some additional information thanks to the program “The Breakfast Club”, which notably evokes the defense of the player and his clan towards the NBA. Ja for example explained that the firearm, displayed in the live instagram, was only a simple toy. Except that given his liabilities, not sure that the league really believed this story.

Ja Morant’s clan explained that the weapon on their recent Instagram live was a toy. « Adam Silver is still dealing with the suspension, and it looks like he should give up 30 games even though the NBA knows he’s a toy. »

Toy or not, Morant has this story all wrong. Knowing that he has already displayed himself with a weapon is the worst thing for Ja, who in this case has fun provoking the league. This is why Adam Silver will raise his voice with this suspension, greater than the 8 games taken last March.

No way his team thought that was the appropriate response 😂😂

Ja Morant’s gun is actually… a toy. Several weeks later, it is the best possible defense for the clan of the player, who would do better to accept the sanction. Regardless if this is true, the point guard will take a nice suspension, hoping he can change his behavior.


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