After Rudy Gobert, a new superstar targeted by the Wolves?!

After a great season concluded with an appearance in the playoffs, the Timberwolves decided to move up a gear by obtaining Rudy Gobert. However, this could not be their only big move of the off-season according to a famous journalist!

Rarely have Minnesota fans shown so much enthusiasm over the past 20 years. Holders of a resolutely young roster, the Timberwolves have gone for the guts to qualify for the playoffs in recent months. Eliminated with honors by the Grizzlies, they now want to do even better, starting next year. Their acts stick well besides these ambitions until now.

Following his arrival in the front office, the new president of basketball operations, Tim Connelly, wasted no time in bringing a boost to the workforce. A boost named Rudy Gobert, and recruited from the Jazz in exchange for four players and several good draft picks. On its way, the executive could even try another big blow, which would surprise the whole league for sure.

Minnesota, surprise team in the Kyrie Irving file?

Besides the arrival of Gobert, as well as the interesting signings of Bryn Forbes and Kyle Anderson, Wolves are expected to drive the market again this summer. In particular, several targets would have been established to strengthen the racquet a little more, but not only. In his podcast, Bill Simmons thinks another big trade could come in to bring a superstar back to the lead!

If I want to win now, why don’t I keep trying to make it happen? Why would I only trade a few bench players when I have (D’Angelo) Russell that nobody likes, and the leaders would trade in a second if they could? Here’s my answer: I wonder if they’re going to make another big trade. I wonder if they’re going to trade Russell for Kyrie, which would be the last piece of the puzzle.

This one, no one will have seen coming if it does end up happening. While they have made it clear that D’Angelo Russell is no longer part of their plans, Wolves could therefore take a chance on Kyrie Irving ! A simple point guard trade that works on paper, but is unlikely to satisfy the Nets.

Indeed, even if he shone under the colors of Brooklyn, D-Lo is no longer the player who had been selected for the All-Star Game 2019. As it stands, it therefore seems unlikely that its former leaders agree to recover it without draft picks in its suitcases. But after having already given many to the Jazz, will Minny be ready to grant new ones for Kyrie? Not sure.

Launched in a quest for express peaks, the Timberwolves have already hit hard with the arrival of Rudy Gobert, and could continue by chasing Kyrie Irving. Alone on this track so far, the Lakers have been warned!

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