After PSG – Saint-Etienne: The perfect evening for Kylian Mbappé who joined Zlatan Ibrahimovic


They didn’t say it but they didn’t need to. The three Stéphanois who were standing in front of the Parisian locker room after their defeat against PSG this Saturday evening (3-1) were only waiting for one man, the one of the evening: Kylian Mbappé. The double scorer and decisive passer did not honor them with the exchange of jerseys but he agreed to a hug, smiling. How could he have been anything other than radiant after such an evening? Even with a sparkling Lionel Messi, Mbappé still manages to take all the light.

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Invincible, Paris FC returns to the height of the Toulouse leader


« Kylian Mbappé is exceptional. We see him start his runs, and we can only regret that his defenders can’t follow him. Today, it is the talent of PSG that makes us leave empty-handed. I have regrets: that Mbappé, Neymar do not do a half-time for us« The words are from Pascal Dupraz, the defeated coach of Saint-Etienne, could only see the damage. If it would seem very simplistic to consider that the only talent of the current best player in the world made the difference , it is clear that he is involved in the three goals of PSG. And if Dupraz includes Neymar in his sentence, he could also have dispensed with it.

Mbappé statistically equal to Ibrahimovic

Twice, Mbappé scored, joining Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the ranking of scorers in the history of PSG (156 goals). Twice on passes from Lionel Messi, symbol of a technical relationship that is becoming more refined as well as now martyring the defenses of Ligue 1. The duo, one day perhaps a trio if Neymar gets in tune, finds better and better and he squats, together, the top of the ranking of the best passers in Ligue 1 with ten on the clock. An ordinary figure for Messi who reached the double figure for the 15th time in a row in the league, continuing a series started in 2007-2008 with Barça. But it is exceptional for Mbappé.

Kylian Mbappé gave a lot to the Parc des Princes this Saturday against Saint-Etienne

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The world champion had never reached 10 assists in the league with Paris. He had done it for his last season in Monaco in 2017/2018 (15 goals and 11 assists). His record this season is already close to this standard (14 goals, 10 assists), it is above all the testimony of a player who masters his subject like few and who dominates like no other. His caviar for Danilo on the goal of the break (3-1), will remain as one of the great gestures of his season. This outside who fled Paul Bernardoni, the goalkeeper of the Greens, to wait only for the smash of his partner was a delight for the eyes. « It is especially the pass which is sublime. Her outside of the foot was stunning“, also greeted for Canal + the Portuguese, happy with the offering.

Being the top scorer in the history of the club, you can’t spit on it, but the most important thing is the titles

In one, two or three matches if all goes wrong, Kylian Mbappé will be the only second top scorer in the history of PSG. He will leave Ibrahimovic behind but unless there is an incredible turnaround in his contractual situation, Edinson Cavani, 44 goals ahead of him, will be too far. « I join Ibrahimovic, there remains Cavani in fronthe notes. Being the top scorer in the history of the club, you can’t spit on it, but the most important thing is the titles « What does it matter in the end, the reign of Mbappé has come, it is written live. « It’s not easy to describe his performance, said an admiring Mauricio Pochettino. It’s amazing, wonderful. I’m proud of him« It is no coincidence that the Argentinian has chosen, for the seventh time this season, to bring out his best player. In the 83rd minute, the Parc des Princes got up and he forgot everything.

To say that the Parisian enclosure is angry with Mbappé for still not having extended and knowing deep down that he will leave it at the end of the season is undoubtedly not an exaggeration. To ensure, however, that he has shown it in recent weeks would be foolish. The Collectif Ultras Paris also reminded him with a banner on which one could read: « From Bondy to Paris, Kylian your story is written here« . »It’s nice to have the affection of people, beyond the titles of the statistics, it’s important to leave an imprint, I thank them“, replied the person concerned. There was in the clamor at the time of its release all at once a manifestation of admiration, respect and love. Others before Mbappé have, in recent seasons, received ovations of the Parc des Princes, rare are those for whom it was so intense. Only the older ones have the right to it. This is also how we recognize them.

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Mbappé has fun, PSG finds a little more smile


League 1

A double to become the 2nd top scorer in the history of PSG: Mbappé joins Zlatan



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