After PSG, Al Thani’s Qatar wants to afford an English club

Qatar – The Qatari family, Al Thani, owner of PSG, are preparing to buy an English club rather than Napoli, for an offer of 560 million euros.

After PSG: An envelope of 560M € prepared by Qatar to afford an English club

A buyout of Naples would not be topical in Qatar. According to Le Parisien, QSI would have indeed scrutinized several championships for a new investment after PSG, and in particular Italy. However, the most concrete project will be the one leading to Leeds United.

In addition, according to the regional daily, a takeover of Napoli would be absolutely irrelevant. So it would be England or nothing for Qatar now. This very good offer from the Qatari family, Al Thani, had been announced as cleared for the purchase of the Italian club, Napoli.

According to these rumors, the Emir of Qatar, already owner of PSG, would have formulated an offer to the tune of 560 million euros to Aurelio De Laurentiis to buy him Napoli. According to the British tabloid, the president of the Italian club would seriously study the proposal.

The former owner of the capital’s football club Colony Capital has sold Paris Saint-Germain by conceding 70% of its stake to an investment company in Qatar, which is expected to be the sovereign wealth fund of the emirate.

The sequence of Lionel Messi’s transfer from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain ended on Wednesday 11 August with a day devoted to the presentation to supporters and the media, the day after signing his contract with the capital club .

Organizer of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar continues to invest in European football. Last year, a member of the princely family had already taken control of Malaga, which is playing in the Spanish first division.

The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, 41, 3 women and 12 children, was not the oldest of his siblings of 23 siblings, but his father chose him as his successor and entrusted him with the keys to the Emirate in 2013. He was only 33 years old. The young Tamim, when he became emir in place of the emir, had already bought PSG, two years before.

The owners of PSG, meanwhile, are looking a little further, focusing on 2022. Since Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) acquired a majority stake in 2011, the club has already spent a lot to dominate French football and achieve success on the European scene.

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