After Porsche, Lamborghini launches into synthetic fuel

Lamborghini is also taking a close interest in synthetic fuels and is actively working on the development of a similar solution at Porsche.

As we know, thermal cars have not really had the wind in their sails for some time. Worse still, everything is done by the public authorities to make these vehicles disappear, accused of all evils and above all of destroying the environment. Even though it is proven that the polluting emissions produced by the automotive industry is actually a drop in the bucket, especially compared to maritime traffic, among others. But anyway, so it’s on the internal combustion car that theEuropean Union persists, even to the point of having voted to ban their marketing from 2035. A very close deadline, which therefore forces manufacturers to review their plans and increase investments to electrify their range. But some brands see things a little differently.

A future solution?

If some believe rather in hydrogen, others continue to think that thermal engines still have a bright future ahead of them. But not thanks to fuel made from non-renewable raw materials. Indeed, we know that Porsche has been working for many years on the development of a synthetic fuel, which would then work in a way almost similar to the gasoline that we already know. But what we know less is that the German firm is not the only one to be interested in it. Indeed, this is also the case with Lamborghini, which recently confirmed its interest in this type of fuel. In an interview with the website Drive, a spokesperson confirmed that  » we keep the door open to synthetic fuel internal combustion engines“.

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Several options

For Francesco Scardaonidirector of the Asia-Pacific region of Lamborghini, “ the ideal scenario will therefore be to have purely electric cars – like the fourth model that we will introduce in 2028 – and super-sports cars, possibly with internal combustion engines running on synthetic fuel“. For the time being, no details have been given on the arrival of a hypothetical sports car operating with such technology. But if it was, thehybridization would still be in the game according to rumors.

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