After Kyrie, the big anti-vaccine skid of a star!

After two rather special seasons, the NBA should finally resume its course. The restrictions Sanitary has been lifted in all cities and players who opposed vaccination are jubilant. A star of Celtics just commit a hell of a mess.

This season should be the most « normal » since the start of the health crisis. Unlike last year, all cities that host a franchise have decided to lift their restrictions, so no player should miss any game due to their vaccination status. It’s a big win for Kyrie Irvingwho has always been very vocal about it.

But if he crystallizes the attention when talking about COVID in the NBA, the Nets point guard was far from the only refractory to vaccination. Andrew Wiggins bowed to the rules of strength, but even after winning the title with the Warriors he seemed to regret his decision. If he had had the choice, like Uncle Drew, he would probably have waited too before returning to Steve Kerr’s group.

Jaylen Brown shares an anti-vaccine post!

On the side of the Celtics, it is Jaylen Brown who has just committed a hell of a slippage on social networks. If he quickly rectified the situation in the face of the virulent reactions of his subscribers, the back of Boston distinguished himself by sharing an anti-vaccine video on his Twitter account. It could be a simple mistake, but Brown’s track record on the matter doesn’t speak in his favor.

News flash: During the hearing on COVID, the director of the Pfizer laboratory admitted that the vaccine had never been tested on the prevention against transmission. “Get vaccinated for others” has always been a lie. The only purpose of the vaccination pass was to force people to get vaccinated. The world needs to know the truth.

With this retweet, Jaylen Brown clearly seems to be taking an anti-vaccine posture, which is not necessarily surprising… If his case has been much less publicized than that of Kyrie Irving, the Celtics back is indeed one of the players not -vaccinated. And what irritated his subscribers, beyond the message, was the fact that the European parliamentarian Rob Roos is a prominent member of a far-right party in the Netherlands.

Jaylen Brown isn’t vaccinated, or at least he took a while to do so, and he isn’t shy about sharing content about it. Internet users may love the player he is, they did not hesitate to criticize him following this publication.

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