After its caliente buzz, Shams Charania still heated up live!

Recognized for his seriousness and his incessant coverage of NBA news, Shams Charania recently had to face the advances of an American TV presenter. The latter has just done it again with him, clearly putting him in trouble!

As if his double hat was no longer enough for him. In addition to his XXL work for The Athletic and StadiumShams Charania recently joined the editorial staff of FanDuel, which he now regularly occupies on the sets. One of his recent appearances sparked an unexpected exchange with journalist Kay Adams, whose suggestive joke set social media ablaze:

Shams Charania: I knew very early on what I wanted to do, and that my social and school life was going to suffer.

Kay Adams: I see. So, when we have children… Just kidding! I’m joking ! I laugh !

Shams Charania still flirted, he reacts upset

A true star with the NBA community, which gives him complete confidence in terms of news and scoops on transfers and others, Shams has necessarily been hailed for his talents as a seducer following this episode. Some Internet users have even given him the label of « Rizz God », which could be translated as « faller ». A buzz to which Adams has returned in recent hours… maintaining doubt about his real intentions!

Kay Adams: Basically, I made a joke that you and I could start a family together, and it looked like I was trying my luck with you. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but the web went crazy seeing that! So, can you explain to me what a “Rizz God” is?

Shams Charania: Honestly, I don’t know! I’ve seen tweets about it, but I don’t know. (…) Does that mean I’m grumpy? Listen, I’m concentrating on work, I’m not here to talk about my gibberish. But I will let Internet users say what they want! I accept the compliment!

Whether through her gaze, her body language or her words, the famous American presenter has done everything to leave the situation unclear. A good way to continue to make the Twittos speak, and to give credit to the chatter status of your interlocutor!

He may remain ultra-professional, including alongside Kay Adams, Shams Charania does not seem to leave the NFL specialist journalist indifferent. Enough to cause the great admiration of fans, shocked by his charming abilities!

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