After his victory against FC Sochaux, what if AJ Auxerre went up to Ligue 1?

Auxerre’s victory against FC Sochaux (5-4) on Friday May 21 allowed the Burgundy club to claim league 1. For this, the Auxerre players will first have to beat the 18th in the French Championship standings.

Barely 12 hours after they went on sale, the places for the play-off have already been sold out. AJ Auxerre will face the 18th in Ligue 1 football on Thursday May 26, and may try to join the French Championship.

And yet, it came close. Friday, May 20, against FC Sochaux, the suspense lasted until the end at the Charléty stadium. The Sochaux lions fought to the end to also try to gain access to the dam. In the first half, neither team came out. Then the Auxerrois attack! Gauthier Hein attempts a direct free kick, which passes close to the cage. Shot on target by Hamza Sakhi then, stopped by Maxence Prévot.

In the second half, the Sochaux goalkeeper seemed like a wall, facing the strike from Gaëtan Charbonnier (50′) then Gauthier Hein, thanks to the breakthrough from Lassine Sinayoko (51′). In additional time, Alexis Trouillet tries a very nice shot, deflected by the Sochaux goal (90 ‘+2).

After extra time, it all came down to penalties. Rémy Dugimont, Jubal, Gaëtan Perrin, Gaëtan Charbonnier, Birama Touré succeed in the exercise. And the Auxerrois goalkeeper Donovan Léon against Kitala’s penalty and allows AJA to qualify (5-4).

The coach Jean-Marc Furlan admits it, leaving the match : « I am very happy, joy prevails. These are breathtaking evenings. Our players had a lot of guts. » At the end of the match, the Auxerre supporters even reached the lawn, driven by the frenzy of victory.

The decisive goal, and the release for the Auxerrois.

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