After his surprise meeting with LeBron, Magic Johnson gets dressed on Twitter!

Present in the stands of SoFi Stadium for the NFL game of the Los Angeles Chargers, Magic Johnson met a certain LeBron James there. Shortly after this reunion, the legendary leader of the Lakers released a tweet tinged with a touch of arrogance about his duet with the King!

For the return of a full stadium as part of an NFL meeting in Los Angeles, the celebrities would necessarily respond. The Chargers were indeed able to welcome no less than 70,000 spectators in their new setting at SoFi Stadium, including a few pretty names. Among the fans present were, for example, a certain Conor McGregor, just recovered from a new drunken evening, but also faces very well known to NBA fans.

Local Idols, Magic Johnson and Lebron james thus witnessed the narrow defeat of LA against the Cowboys (17-20). Despite this result, both wanted to immortalize their meeting, and to make it public via sharing a viral photo on their social networks. By rejecting a glance a few hours later, the former star leader has allowed himself in all modesty to recall … the combined record of this crazy duo.

Between us, we have 19 Finals appearances, 9 NBA titles, 7 MVP trophies and 7 Finals MVP trophies… Crazy 🔥

Crazy, it is indeed the right term to describe this list of figures, each more hallucinating than the next. The first, concerning the number of Finals played by the two men, is already enough to make anyone pale.

In this area, however, it is LeBron who dominates his illustrious elder, with 10 units at the moment, against 9 for Magic. The same goes for the MVPs and MVPs of the Finals, with 4 trophies in each of these categories for LBJ, and “only” 3 for Johnson. The latter can however always boast of having 5 champion rings to his credit, against 4 for the King.

May also be mentioned the 29 All-Star Game selections, the 27 appearances in an All-NBA Team, or the 5 league best assist titles that the Angelino stars have together. There’s no denying it, this impromptu reunion was that of two of the best players in league history, and two of the most high-sounding all-time charts.

Even if it means igniting the web with a photo alongside LeBron James, Magic Johnson took the opportunity to recall their very pretty CVs. After all, given the figures put forward, he would have been wrong to do without.

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