After his injury, Zion Williamson declared cash!

It didn’t take long for Zion Williamson to cause concern about his health during the preseason. Asked about the subject, the interior of New Orleans however did not go there by four paths. He may be reassuring, but we remain on our guard with him…

As we know, the health of Zion Williamson will be scrutinized very closely during the coming season. The interior of the Pelicans is coming out of a blank year and returning to the infirmary for a long time would be a real blow for the player. He may have worked a lot on his physique, but that is not enough to rule out all the risks… We also had proof of this during the pre-season, since he already had to leave on injury during the meeting against the Heat.

Given that the physical glitch in question is located at the ankle, there was therefore serious cause for concern since the big man’s joints have been put to the test in recent months (his absence in 2021-22 was due to a foot stress fracture). But according to the former Dukie himself, there is not necessarily enough to panic too much. On the contrary, he even allowed himself a little joke in front of the media:

Zion reassures about his state of health

You know, everything has already been decided on Twitter. They are the real doctors apparently… but everything is fine, really.

Clearly, the one who averaged more than 27 points and 7 rebounds during his last full campaign would feel pretty good, despite the momentary discomfort. Bodes well for NOLA fans…on paper at least.

Because in the end, we can not help but remain cautious vis-à-vis the case of the former number 1 draft. In three years, he has played just over 80 games and given his CV, the slightest problem can be tragic. Internet users were hardly convinced by the superstar’s press conference, and fear that he is taking the same path as other big men who are certainly talented, but whose careers have been damaged by injuries:

Your dad Greg Oden and your uncle Andrew Bynum would be so proud of you

Zion Williamson assures him, there is no need to worry more about his small ankle injury. We imagine that the staff of the Pelicans will not take this lightly, and that the doctors will do everything to ensure that he is no longer bothered by this glitch as soon as possible.

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