After his giga-poster, the viral nickname received by the Frenchie Moussa Diabaté in the US

Still unknown following his first few good performances with the Clippers, Moussa Diabaté shone the spotlight on him with a monstrous dunk on Wednesday. Never mind, the American fans have unearthed him a nickname… particular!

NCAA fans, many across the Atlantic, had at least already heard of it. Simple NBA fans discovered his name during the last Draft, during which he was only selected in 43rd position. Recovered by the Clippers, Moussa Diabaté is doing everything to find a place there before the start of the season. He has in any case found the perfect way to make people talk about him in recent hours.

Moussa « Diabetes » sets the web ablaze in the United States

Despite only 13 minutes of play to put in their mouths this Wednesday, against the Nuggets, Diabaté made a big impression on people across the Atlantic. His huge poster hitting poor Jack White has thus made the rounds of social networks, and has greatly inspired American Internet users. The latter have indeed renamed it in a funny way following this viral sequence:

Moussa Diabetes

Don’t go looking for a hidden interpretation to this amazing nickname, or let us know if you find one. It would indeed seem that the US Twitosphere was simply amused by the resemblance between the surname of the Frenchman and the ultra-widespread chronic disease in the States. This new name has in any case met with great success on the web, as evidenced by the various puns below:

As a doctor, I can say that I have seen many people die of diabetes. But not so violently…

My blood sugar is going up just watching this highlight

Relatively unknown within the NBA sphere a few hours ago, Moussa Diabaté acquired a sudden notoriety there, which therefore earned him this nickname, to say the least original. To see if the latter will last over time!

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