After his difficult season, big news for Derrick Rose!

Still bothered by injury problems, Derrick Rose had a significantly shortened, and oh so frustrating, 2021-2022 season. After this campaign, The Athletic revealed the latest news on the former MVP. We take stock.

If you haven’t heard much about Derrick Rose in recent months, it’s simply because he hasn’t played much. Plagued by physical issues, Pooh was only able to play 26 games with the Knicks. It’s little, and even less than the previous season, during which he was able to be aligned in 35 games. Obviously, D-Rose is no longer able to play the majority of games, even if the Knicks want to keep hope.

Good news for Derrick Rose!

In a recent piece that looks at Knicks news and prospects, The Athletic reporter Fred Katz discusses the Rose case at length. According to him, things are going better for the former Bulls player, who will be able to approach the coming year with more serenity:

From the information I have, Rose, who had ankle surgery in December 2021 and February 2022, is in good health at this time. The Knicks expect him to be at full capacity when training camp begins.

Rose was the Knicks’ most important player before his injury last season. Prior to his injury, the Knicks were 13.1 points per 100 possessions while he was on the floor. He was the best organizer of an attack that was often stagnant without him. Recovering his presence and his speed will be very positive for New York.

Reassuring news, therefore, but which does not have anything to push to euphoria either. Katz is indeed responsible for bringing everyone back to earth in the rest of his article, in particular by evoking figures that leave little room for doubt:

That being said, it’s not reasonable to expect Rose to play every game just because he’s healthy on day one. Over his last 11 seasons, he has played only 39 games on average. Moreover, he hasn’t played more than 51 games for 6 seasons.

So often bothered by injuries during his career, Derrick Rose has worked hard over the summer to be in top form for the dawn of this new campaign. Let’s hope that the leader’s body finally leaves him alone, in order to have fun and help the Knicks’ young shoots…

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