After his descent into hell, the « next KD » catches fire, LeBron furious!

Emoni Bates put up 29 straight points, LeBron reacted

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In high school, Emoni Bates was announced as the next Kevin Durant, as a player who could take over from LeBron James in the NBA… Today at the University of Eastern Michigan, far from this glorious destiny, Bates showed that he still had talent, by achieving a monumental feat. LeBron James was quick to react on social networks.

When he arrived on the High School circuit, Emoni Bates was a real phenomenon, a monster of precocity, and all observers promised him an immense career. It must be said that his offensive arsenal was already particularly advanced, he was immense, knew how to dribble as well as shoot, which obviously earned him the comparison with Kevin Durant… But from a future NBA superstar, Bates became a second-tier NCAA player.

Because of a physique not made for the high level and handicapping limits in the fundamentals of the game, he turns for example to 1 decisive pass per game while he touches all the balls of his team, the one who should have competed with Victor Wembanyama in the 2023 Draft finds himself in the small university of Eastern Michigan, where he has a string of defeats. Despite this descent into hell, talent is still present, the proof with his monumental feat on Tuesday:

Emoni Bates puts 29 points in a row… and loses!

Emoni Bates had 29 straight points for Eastern Michigan

Basketball is a team sport, of course, but his team’s record of 4 wins and 15 losses shows that Emoni Bates is not necessarily an exceptional leader capable of pulling his teammates up. But this Tuesday, it is clear that he was on another planet, with 29 consecutive points in the first half! A considerable feat that caught the attention of a man to whom he has long been compared: LeBron James.


Emoni Bates caught fire against Toledo, scoring 29 straight points for his team, he finished the game with 42 units on the clock, and yet he had to bow, once again. But will this feat change anything for his future? Will the scouts be interested in him again? No doubt, even if he will never find the hype of his high school years.

Emoni Bates is no longer the player everyone expects in the NBA, but he remains a talented basketball player capable of catching fire, like this Tuesday. He still has flaws to correct to secure a place at the top level, especially in defense and in the vision of the game.

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