After his attacks on Rudy Gobert, Shaq persists and signs!

Always as incisive towards the new generation of players, Shaquille O’Neal has taken the habit of tackling Rudy Gobert. A behavior that he has justified without complex in recent hours, and with new stray bullets fired!

Some will tend to brush their successors in the direction of the hair, and to be appreciated by them by doing so. Others, like Shaquille O’Neal, prefer to be believed towards them, even if it means making many enemies within the league. Particularly talkative and listened to, the former pivot is even one of those who most regularly criticize the new generation of stars.

Shaquille O’Neal, constructive critic for Rudy Gobert?

Without a filter when speaking on NBA news, the Diesel will sometimes go against the grain of public opinion, and openly smash big names on the prosecution. This is for example what he does regularly with Rudy Gobert, and that he did again not so long ago. In his Big Podcasthe also explained himself on this subject, and affirms that his tackles are intended above all to be constructive… supporting arguments:

Listen, for all the overly sensitive morons listening to me: when I speak, I try not to be hypocritical, and I send messages. Just look at the ones I’ve played with and mentored. I am able to take you to the next level. You forget that I played with Penny (Hardaway)? With Kobe (Bryant)? With D-Wade? Tell them about me and my tactics to motivate them.

I never let go of Penny, I never let go of Kobe, I never let go of D-Wade. And guess what? They became Hall of Famers. So again, to everyone I criticize. You’re in the NBA, it’s good, everyone is good. Want to be better? Do you want to be a great player, or become the greatest? If you want to be the greatest, I can help you do it.

A more scathing development, which the many targets of the Shaq should therefore take into account before attacking him. The legendary big man cites in particular the case of Gobert’s ex-teammate, Donovan Mitchell, that he had savagely clashed on the air after one of his matches:

You give these bums a lot of rewards and I’m like, “What?! For example, what did I say about Donovan Mitchell two years ago? Everyone jumped on me and hated me, but I stayed silent. What is he doing now? Does he do what superstars do?

Yet another not-so-concealed attack on Spida, who still doesn’t have the level of a superstar according to O’Neal. It’s definitely raining bullets with the Big Cactus!

Just fifty years old, Shaquille O’Neal has not decided to slow down vis-à-vis his favorite scapegoats. Quite the contrary. According to him, the latter will not escape his criticism until they understand the hidden message!

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