After his attack on Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns gunned down by a famous mark!

It’s rumbling on the Minnesota side right now, especially after Karl-Anthony Towns’ brutal update on his co-star Anthony Edwards. However, a famous American brand defended the latter against the big man… Coming from her, it’s hardly surprising.

With two wins for two losses, everything is not yet ready for the Timberwolves. Beyond the results, however, we can especially say that in relation to the chemistry between the players, after the arrival of Rudy Gobert during the summer. Special mention in particular to Anthony Edwards, known for having had a beef with the Frenchman last year and who recently dropped remarks directly aimed at the former pivot of Jazz.

However, all this did not please local franchise player Karl-Anthony Towns, who insisted that his third-year teammate lower his tone. Results, he literally knocked him out in front of the press, criticizing him in particular for his propensity to consume fast food after matches, or even at a press conference. A speech that did not go unnoticed by the Popeyes channel, which attacked the former Kentucky player on Twitter:

Popeyes backs Anthony Edwards against KAT

Good luck to all the top athletes who eat at Popeyes, whatever their teammates have to say about it

As a reminder, Popeyes is none other than the fast-food chain from which Edwards used to order, and it therefore did not appreciate at all that one of its most famous customers is being lit by the type. KAT will appreciate…

However, his reasoning stands since the food offered by Popeyes (fried chicken, fried seafood of all kinds) hardly suits the diet that an NBA basketball player should follow, since it does not allow him to eat properly. A bad habit that you have to get rid of as soon as possible, if you want to shine as long as possible. If some Internet users regret that Towns was so vocal on the subject in public, his speech is not questioned:

I don’t know why everyone hates KAT he’s right now I don’t think he should have said it publicly but he was the first pick and gets paid to play at his highest level and you can’t do this while eating Popeyes and McDonald’s all day

Anxious to protect one of its most notorious consumers, Popeyes did not hesitate to drop a big tackle on Karl-Anthony Towns. Except that Anthony Edwards recently announced that he had limited his consumption of fast food as much as possible… his franchise player will appreciate it.

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