after Hakim Ziyech, the incredible story of Allyson Swaby’s failed loan


At the end of the last winter transfer window, the women’s PSG announced the arrival on loan of Jamaican international Allyson Swaby. Except that the Jamaican has never played under the colors of Paris, the fault of an incredible story which derailed her transfer and which recalls the painful memory of the abortive arrival of Hakim Ziyech.

Today is January 30. This is the last straight line of the winter transfer window. Paris Saint-Germain announces the arrival on loan until the end of the season of Jamaican international defender Allyson Swaby from Angel City (the American franchise in Los Angeles (Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria or Serena Williams are part of owners). A deal concluded several days ago with a team from Los Angeles who have wanted to be ambitious in the American championship since its creation. However, since this signing, the Jamaican has never played under the colors of Paris. an incredible story which derailed his transfer and which recalls the painful memory of the abortive arrival of Hakim Ziyech.

PSG appeals to FIFA denied

According to our information, the leaders of Angel City have declared a permanent transfer while Allyson Swaby arrives in Paris as part of a loan and have therefore incorrectly filled out the international transfer form. PSG then urgently asks its American counterparts to redo the form. Exchanges take place between the franchise, the club of the capital and the French Football Federation (responsible for approving the contracts). But due, in particular, to the time difference with California, the final answer will arrive out of time! PSG, keen to keep their new defender in the face of numerous injuries in this sector, then appealed to FIFA. He will be dismissed.

A second appeal was initiated with the Football Court, again with failure. Result: almost two months after her arrival, Allyson Swaby knows full well that she will not be able to play in competition until the end of the French season with PSG.

Allyson Swaby (right) in February 2023 – AFP

The club is trying to keep her for next season.

It is therefore a small setback in the career of the Jamaican (26 years old) in an important season since it precedes the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. The one who has worn the captain’s armband in the past with the Reggae Girlz, and who was able to play the matches during the international break last February, will perhaps have the opportunity to see her teammates again in an official match, but this time. .. as an opponent! In the meantime, the sports management of PSG would try to set up, this time, a permanent transfer for next season.

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