After a bad bet, Shaq shows up with a catastrophic new look!

The darling of fans during his NBA career, Shaquille O’Neal remains as a consultant for TNT. A popularity rating that he retains in particular thanks to his risky bets taken on the air, and which have earned him a sacred moment of shame lately!

If there were to be an all-time ranking of former players converted to analysts for American television, it would undoubtedly occupy first place. Shaquille O’Neal has been delighting TNT viewers for over a decade, and apparently has no intention of letting up with age. On the contrary, he seeks rather to push the limits of the possible in terms of great moments of embarrassment on the sets of the chain.

Shaq’s goofy new haircut

Sometimes able to deliver interesting analyzes on the NBA and its various teams, Shaq is more often talked about thanks to his many cracks. For example, he regularly takes crazy bets, such as the one made a few days ago with… frogs. Last Tuesday, it was seeing Joel Embiid accumulate 25 points at halftime against the Clippers that he was so reckless:

If he doesn’t end up with 50 points, I get baby hairs like Candace (Parker). And no need to buy fake ones, I’ll let them grow!

On fire in this meeting, Embiid unfortunately only finished with… 41 points. Not enough to save Big Diesel from the ultra-humiliating sequence below:

Man of his word, O’Neal has indeed landed this Tuesday with the famous baby hair so much appreciated by the younger generation, and also sported by Candace Parker. There is however not to say: these last go much better to the former star of WNBA than to the legend of the Lakers!

Shaquille O’Neal is definitely not afraid of ridicule, and therefore honored his word by showing up this Tuesday with the baby hairs he had promised to wear. Let’s hope despite everything that he has since got rid of this horror!

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