After 50 years of fraud, a scrap dealer buys a Porsche and is spotted


This 78-year-old retiree from Laval should never have afforded a new Porsche Panamera, worth 150,000 euros. It was the purchase of this car that attracted attention and triggered an investigation by the gendarmerie and the specialized interregional jurisdiction, says Ouest France. The investigators very quickly realized that the lifestyle of this person did not correspond to his situation as a retiree. For nearly 50 years, the man lived off the scrap metal trade, the purchase and resale of luxury cars, sometimes caravans, without declaration of activity, nor contributions to Urssaf. A real durable concealed work. Tax evasion was also detected by the investigators. The defendant had awarded himself an additional half share by pretending to be invalid.

In addition, 130,000 euros were found at the pensioner’s home as well as two life insurance accounts with a total value of 330,000 euros and several other sums in his bank accounts. The « offense amount » was estimated at nearly 595,000 euros.

A fine of 30,000 euros and the confiscation of the vehicle

The scrap dealer also had to answer « concealed work laundering » as prosecutor Stéphanie Perchaud recalled. The lawsuit could only be limited to the past five years due to statutes of limitations.

For the defence, Maître Emmanuel Doreau and Patrick Descamps admitted the concealed work but also challenged the assessment of the fraud. “Where does this figure of 595,000 euros come from, a staggering sum?” Asks Emmanuel Doreau. Patrick Descamps, he invoked the state of necessity of his client. « Who can live on a pension of 200 euros? »

Finally, the verdict is in. The scrap dealer will have to pay a fine of 30,000 euros and his Porsche has been confiscated. The amount of the life insurance booklets and the cash found at home will be returned to the couple.


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