AFRIMA is an event aimed at selling a better image of Africa (organizers)

(APS) – The African Music Awards, commonly known as the « All Africa Music Awards » (AFRIMA) and whose 8th edition is scheduled for Dakar from January 12 to 15, aim to « sell the best image of Africa ». , estimates the associate producer of the event, the Nigerian Victoria Nkong.

« Enthusiasts of culture and the African continent have come together to see how to advance the field of culture, African music and above all how to sell a better image of Africa to young Africans and the rest of the world », she explained concerning the creation in 2014 of the AFRIMA

Speaking during a meeting with journalists on Tuesday in Dakar, Victoria Nkong observed that “two things can easily unite the world, it is sport with football and music”.

As « already passionate about music, we told ourselves that we go through music to unite Africa, to tell our African story to ourselves so that people understand that there is a very advanced Africa, an Africa with good talents, a holiday destination contrary to what Westerners say about us,” she said.

Victoria Nkong says she is convinced that “if we let others tell our story, it is the image of street children, of war, of poverty that will be shown”.

“We found a way to sell the best image of Africa, black excellence with the organization of the All Africa Music Awards or AFRIMA”, she adds.

The international organizing committee of Afrima Word seeks above all to enhance the image of Africa by highlighting African cities to reward the works of musicians and other African artists living on the continent and through the African diaspora.

Baptized « Téranga Edition », the 2023 edition of this event will help sell the Senegalese capital more, « because more than 400 artists, including the biggest stars of African music, are expected for this first organization of Afrima in French-speaking Africa ». .

“When the stars of African music arrive on January 11, we will show them around the city of Dakar and Senegal. On January 12, they will make photos posted on social networks and with their millions of followers, people will be able to discover Senegal through them », she explains, believing that the objective is to encourage Africans to visit African cities before thinking of going on vacation to Europe or the United States.

The « All Africa Music Awards » also aim to « help young artists especially to be able to build a better career and learn how to make money with their passion which is music », indicated the Nigerian producer.

Dakar, a self-imposed choice

“The problem in Africa is that artists live like stars, but they die poor. When they get old or are sick, we contribute for them, it’s not normal because they make the whole world dance, ”notes Victoria Nkong. And to insist: « If only they knew intellectual property, digital, all the information related to their work, they will know that they are rich, they will be better able to make money and live from their passion ».

The African Music Awards ceremony is organized annually in partnership with the African Union Commission, according to the organisers. They claim that for the 2023 edition, the choice of Dakar  » imposed itself « .

Since its creation in 2014, only English-speaking countries – Nigeria (from 2014 to 2017) and Ghana (2018) – have hosted the event, the Covid-19 pandemic having prevented the event from being held between 2019 and 2022.

“Our duty being to ensure that all of Africa takes advantage of the opportunities of this event, the ideal is to pass it through all African cities, and it is time to go to French-speaking countries which need this support in their world of show biz, ”she argued.

« We started with Senegal since the Senegalese President, Macky Sall, is the President of the African Union, which is our strategic partner », continued Victoria Nkong, present in Dakar for four months for the needs of organization of the demonstration of which “Africa is coming” is the slogan.

All the nominees will be at the top of the bill throughout Dakar and its suburbs. Afrima is planning a whole program over four days, with a visit to the city, exchange meetings between artists, labels, investors in African music and the media.

There will also be concerts dedicated to young artists, an audience with the Head of State Macky Sall, before the award ceremony scheduled for Sunday, January 15, at the Diamdiadio Sports Palace commonly known as « Dakar Arena ».

According to Victoria Nkong, this ceremony will be broadcast on 107 television channels from 84 countries around the world.

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