Africans, Aurier recounts an injustice


Six years after his departure from PSG, the Ivorian international Serge Aurier (82 caps, 4 goals) returned to his time in the French capital. The former Parisian notably mentioned the discrimination to which African players were subject, in the privacy of the locker room, during international breaks.

Serge Aurier unpacks everything about Laurent Blanc

In an interview with YouTuber YesHustlethe right-back of Nottingham Forest (1 goal in 28 appearances) deplored the preferential treatment enjoyed by the South American internationals from the coach at the time, Laurent Blancto the detriment of Africans. “I remember, at the time, I take my plane like everyone else when I go to play in Africa. I arrive there, I fly six hours. I play on the move on impossible terrain. I come back at the same time as the guys who went to play in South America, the same day… Me, I don’t rest… But they have to rest. And when I ask the question, I am told ‘it’s like that.’ And there have been plenty of injustices like that”revealed the former resident of Tottenham.

As a reminder, the native of Ouragahio left the Ile-de-France club in 2017, against a backdrop of tension with the 98 world champion, whom he had humiliated during the episode of Periscope in 2016.
« It’s a bitch », he had tackled live. Since then, the relationship between the two protagonists has remained very cold. On the strength of the maintenance acquired in the Premier League with Forest, Aurier recently saw his contract extended for one year, until June 2024. The Elephant will face the Zambia with its selection on June 17 as part of the 5th day of the CAN 2023 qualifiers.


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