Afghan women footballers to be welcomed by UK


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In Pakistan, 35 young Afghan footballers from the Afghanistan national junior team are preparing for the start. They took refuge with their families, 130 people, in the neighboring country after the Taliban took power. The UK granted them asylum. They will therefore soon take the direction of London.

With our correspondent in Islamabad, Sonia ghezali

The footballers of the national junior team were welcomed to Pakistan almost a month ago. An initiative of the British NGO Football for Peace, football for peace, in cooperation with the government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Football Federation.

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The young girls and their families had been settled in Lahore, the second largest city in the country. But their thirty-day visa is about to expire. Their horizon is now brightening with the welcome announced in the United Kingdom. English football club Leeds United had asked for asylum to be granted to Afghan women footballers. The British Foundation Rokit, who has been supporting the young women for several weeks, said the players and their families are expected to arrive in England within the next 14 days.

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Other players have already been welcomed elsewhere in Europe. For example, dozens of Afghan footballers with their families have found refuge in Lisbon, Portugal. Shortly after taking power, the Taliban banned women from sport.

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