Afghan students walk out of exam to protest Taliban banning women from college

The Afghan Taliban have come under heavy criticism for their decision to ban university education for women. The Taliban effectively instituted a complete ban on girls’ and women’s education since they also banned girls from attending primary school. The archaic decision by the Taliban drew condemnation from the United States and the United Nations for their devastating attack on women’s rights. Recently, Afghan cricket superstar Rashid Khan also tweeted against the Taliban’s ban on university education for women.

However, there is a silver lining for Afghan women, as many male students and professors have staged protests outside university campuses in solidarity with female students.

A video of the protests has gone viral on social media. In the clip, male students from Nangarhar University in Afghanistan can be seen protesting the Taliban’s decision to ban female students from attending the university.

Posting the video, an Instagram page wrote, “Male university students at Nangarhar University quit their exams in protest against the Taliban’s decision to ban female students from attending university. So far, several male university professors have also quit. This needs to happen across the country. It is high time to take a stand against injustice. The post was shared with the hashtags of Let Afghan Girls Learn

The post broke the internet with almost 2 million views in a single day. Several Instagram users responded to the post and praised the male students who staged protests for their bravery. One Instagram user wrote: “Well done brothers!!”

The move to outright ban women’s education is the Taliban’s most crippling blow to women’s freedoms since they took power last year. The ban further restricts opportunities for Afghan girls and women, who have faced oppression since the Taliban took over. Afghan women have already been pushed out of public and professional life since the regressive movement took power by force in 2021.

After the Taliban took over the country, universities were forced to implement ultra-conservative rules such as gender-segregated classrooms and entrances. Women were also only allowed to be taught by female teachers or old men.

The Taliban’s regressive policies have proven to be a major obstacle to their efforts to gain international recognition for their government.

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