Afghan stowaway killed in plane landing gear was footballer who posted latest post on ‘choosing his own fate’

A FORMER Afghan national youth team footballer died in the undercarriage of an American plane as he tried to flee Kabul.

Zaki Anwari’s remains were reportedly found in the landing gear of the US Air Force’s C-17 transport plane after the plane rushed to escape the advancing Taliban carrying hundreds of refugees .

Zaki Anwari was said to have been one of the young men who fell from the C-17Credit: Est2Ouest
Hundreds tried to board the C-17 which fled with hundreds of refugees
Hundreds tried to board the C-17 which fled with hundreds of refugeesCredit: Est2Ouest
Zaki Anwari was a promising young footballer
Zaki Anwari was a promising young footballerCredit: Est2Ouest

Zaki, 19, is believed to be one of those killed after hanging onto the plane, Afghanistan’s Directorate of Physical Education and Sports reports. Ariana News.

The footage showed the chaos as hundreds of other Afghans crowded around the plane and tried to board – the images shocking the world.

And it was reported that two people fell from the plane, including one who got stuck in the landing gear – prompting the plane to make an emergency landing in Qatar.

It was reported that Zaki was the individual who became stranded and whose remains were recovered by the American crew.

In his latest Facebook post, the promising young footballer said: “You are the painter of your life (sic) Don’t give the brush to anyone else! « 

According to his social networks, he lived in Kabul and had been a student at the Esteghlal high school (Franco-Afghan school in Kabul).

At 16, he had been a player for the Afghan junior football team.

His friends posted grieving messages on social media, as one of them posted: “We come from God and we return to him.

His friends posted grieving messages on social media, as one of them posted: “We come from God and we return to him.

Another message said: “Comrade, with whom I had the most and the most unforgettable memories, his loss is for me a great sadness and an unspeakable one. « 

Several stowaways fleeing the Taliban fell from the plane as it took off from Kabul, as gruesome footage shows.

In an attempt to flee what they fear will be a return to brutal Taliban rule based on an extreme interpretation of Islam, people have rushed to the airport in a frantic attempt to board flights on Monday.

In chaotic scenes echoing the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War, petrified men, women and children were filmed trying to board a plane after the dreaded Taliban took over. assault the capital.

With civilian flights suspended, many US Air Force planes attempted to leave the country while they were operating.

Poignant video shows stowaways falling several hundred meters after being thrown from a C-17 transport plane taking off from Kabul airport.

Other images taken from the ground show stowaways clinging to the plane as it took off.

At one point, American Apache gunships were brought in to clear a path for transport planes, diving low to disperse those massed on the runway and firing warning shots.

A witness said he saw the bodies of five people being taken in a vehicle to the airport.

US troops guarding the airport were forced to fire in the air, but it is not known whether those who died were shot or crushed in the stampede.

Dozens of people were subsequently treated for gunshot wounds at a hospital in Kabul.

It appears that an individual – believed to be Zaki – got stuck in a panel that is part of the landing gear mechanism and that closes when the wheels are retracted.

The discovery was made when the crew struggled to close the landing gear and then made an emergency landing in a third country, the Washington Post reported.

Horror footage showed wind-shaken human remains as they were suspended from the plane’s fuselage near the landing gear.

And in another video, a group of men can be seen riding over the wheel bay as the plane rolls down the runway.

Across Afghanistan, the International Committee of the Red Cross said thousands of people were injured in recent fighting as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on Sunday.

Timeline of the Taliban victory

THE Taliban won faster than expected …

April 14 – President Joe Biden announces that US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan from May 1 until September 11.

May 4 – Taliban fighters launch a major offensive against Afghan forces in southern Helmand and at least six other provinces.

June 7 – Government officials say fighting is raging in 26 of the country’s 34 provinces.

June 22 – Taliban fighters launch a series of attacks in the north of the country, far from their traditional strongholds in the south.

July 2nd – US troops quietly withdraw from their main military base in Afghanistan – Bagram Air Base, ending US involvement in the war.

July 21 – The Taliban insurgents control about half of the country’s districts, according to the senior US general, stressing the scale and speed of their advance.

July 25 – The United States promises to continue supporting Afghan troops « in the weeks to come » with intensified airstrikes to help them counter Taliban attacks.

July 26 – The United Nations says nearly 2,400 Afghan civilians were killed or injured in the escalating violence in May and June, the highest number for those months since records began in 2009.

August 6 – Zaranj in the south of the country becomes the first provincial capital to fall to the Taliban in years and many more in the following days, including the prized town of Kunduz in the north.

Aug 13 – Four other provincial capitals fall in one day, including Kandahar, the country’s second city and spiritual home of the Taliban. To the west, another key town, Herat, is invaded.

August 14th – The Taliban take the large northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif and, with little resistance, Pul-e-Alam, capital of Logar province just 40 miles south of Kabul.

August 15th – The Taliban take the key eastern city of Jalalabad without a fight, effectively surrounding Kabul.

August 16 – The world is watching the West desperately attempt to evacuate its citizens as the Taliban seize power in Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden has been widely condemned for what is considered the biggest US foreign policy failure since the Vietnam War.

U.S. forces hastily withdrew from the country they had spent 20 years supporting after the invasion following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

However, their withdrawal saw the Afghan armed forces collapse and withdraw completely within a few weeks in the face of the advance of the Taliban.

There is concern that the Taliban will bring back the brutality that brought them infamy when they ruled Afghanistan in the 1990s – including brutal torture and executions.

Taliban bosses insisted they would be more moderate and promised amnesty to all who support the West.

However, worrying reports have already emerged of a “kill list” being drawn up with the names of Western allies.

And there are allegations that girls as young as 12 are being targeted for forced marriages – with footage already showing photos of women on storefronts being repainted.

Desperate refugees continue to crowd around Kabul airport as they beg the remaining British and American soldiers to let them go with them, including throwing babies on barbed wire.

Yesterday, Conservative and Labor MPs criticized the government’s handling of Afghanistan, accusing them of abandoning their allies.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab is facing calls for resignation after it emerged that he « refused » to answer a call about Afghanistan while on vacation in Crete.

The air controller’s astonishing reaction after hearing that 800 Afghans were crammed into an American cargo plane

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