Affiliation to the French Federation of Adapted Sport for the petanque club of Plouisy – Plouisy

Meeting on Saturday, the Pétanque club Guingamp-Plouisy presented its results. The club has 65 licensees, including eleven young people. On the competition side, among the veterans, Plouisy 2 climbs up to D2 and Plouisy 1 finishes second in its pool. For seniors, the first two teams are maintained and team 3 goes up to D2. On the new side, membership of the French Adapted Sport Federation (FFSA) is the major event.

“Membership is € 30 until November 30. Afterwards, the FFSA license is likely to change, ”says the club. Senior membership: € 35 and junior: € 20 (free for the youngest).

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