Advertising invites itself on streaming platforms

We could soon see, before an episode of The Crown, a spot promoting stays in London to visit Buckingham Palace. The fifth season of the series on the life of Elizabeth II arrives at the beginning of November on Netflix, in the wake of the introduction of advertisements on the American platform. Loyal subscribers can be reassured, the advertisement will be integrated before a program (and during, if it exceeds one hour), only within the framework of a new subscription offer at a lower price – it could be half as much expensive than the standard package (6-7 € instead of 13.49 €).

The leader in subscription video (220 million members), which had always refused to broadcast advertising, ended up giving in after losing customers, for some parties seeing elsewhere. At Disney +, for example (152 million subscribers), which will also launch a less expensive offer in December, but only in the United States for the moment, while increasing its other formulas.

Tariff proposals that could be favored by viewers. According to a YouGov study for the online advertiser Seedtag, published this Wednesday, September 28, 58% of respondents in Europe prefer to opt for hybrid models or content with advertising, rather than paying a subscription. They are 67% in France.

A degraded offer?

Another recent study, carried out by Iligo, shows that 75% of 18-34 year olds would be ready to adopt a new offer with advertising. Provided however that it is not less rich than the classic package. However, rights holders could refuse the broadcast of their programs if they cannot receive their share of the cake…

Netflix and Disney+ aren’t the first to have this idea. They were preceded, across the Atlantic, by Peacock (NBCUniversal), Paramount +, HBO Max or Discovery +. The newcomers, on the other hand, would offer advertisers a panel of viewers from all over the world and very precise data on their tastes. According to an estimate by NPA Conseil, Netflix could thus position itself in 4th position among French TV advertising agencies, after TF1 Pub, M6 Publicité and France Télévisions Publicité.

A competition pointed out recently by TF1 and M6 to plead in favor of their merger project, since aborted because, in particular, of the crushing weight of these two groups in the television advertising market. The first French channel has been working on other weapons, offering, in addition to its free streaming video platform, a paid offer without advertising.

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