Adrian Wojnarowski soon at the heart of his own Woj Bomb ?!

King of breaking news in the big league circuit, Adrian Wojnarowski could well become the subject of one of them in the weeks to come. the famous journalist could indeed change dairy! And he could join the main competitor from ESPN in the field…

Knowing how to find information is an essential talent in journalism, especially within the NBA. Anyone who can get a topic out first is considered a serious customer from the outset, since that means they have a first-rate nurse and contact network within franchises. And at this game, Adrian Wojnarowski has clearly been the best of all for years.

First with Yahoo! Sports then with ESPN, the veteran insider is the most reputable name in its field. It is not for nothing that the term « Woj Bomb » is now an integral part of NBA culture! Respected for the reliability of its sources, it was particularly distinguished by its ability to announce all the choices of drafts before Adam Silver, on the last editions. This annoyed the league a bit, and proved that he was one step ahead of everyone.

Shams Charania’s Woj soon to be “teammate”?

However, the Woj has had quite a competition for a few years in Shams Charania, from The Athletic. The journalist is on the way to become even more esteemed than the veteran … Suddenly, it may well be that the latter decides to join him. His contract with ESPN expires this summer, and he will be free to sign wherever he sees fit. Charnia will be too, but the two should get offers of The Athletic !

ESPN insiders Adam Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski, as well as Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium, will all be available in the market this summer and there shouldn’t be a shortage of candidates to take on at least one of them. them under contract.

The Athletic, which was recently acquired by The New York Times for $ 550 million, and other potential suitors have told representatives for the two ESPN reporters that they are ready to make offers as soon as they can, have sources told Front Office Sports.

Charania should a priori stay in his current team, given the status he enjoys there. A duet with Wojnarowski would in any case be a sacred headliner for the media, which would establish itself practically as the n ° 1 in terms of news. Suffice to say that the media channel will not let it go and will do everything to keep its goose that lays the golden eggs, even if it means offering him a monster contract. It promises !

Like what, it is not only among players that free agency can be intense. As for journalists too, we can expect movement this summer! A departure from the Woj from ESPN in any case would be a hell of a earthquake in the US.

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