Adidas sneakers in the colors of MLS franchises

Official partner of the MLS, adidas has just unveiled a collection of sneakers in the colors of some franchises of the North American championship.

Since 2004, adidas is the official and above all exclusive partner of Major League Soccer. A collaboration which obviously concerns the jerseys of all the franchises of the North American championship but which also becomes denser with the passing years.

Indeed, for some time now, the brand with the three stripes has not hesitated to multiply the jerseys in order to pay tribute to specific causes. The opportunity to create the event and give some visibility to the four corners of the world for this championship, but also to penetrate a market which has a very strong marketing potential within the American borders. It is precisely with this ambition that adidas has just unveiled a collection of sneakers in the colors of certain MLS franchises.

By relying on its Ultraboost range and associating it with the name Copa, which alone evokes the world of football, adidas wanted to open up new territory. If in the past, clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United and Bayern Munich had inherited a pair of sneakers or David Beckham had also benefited from a pair of Ultraboost in connection with an old pair of crampons, it is the first time MLS franchises have been affected.

On the other hand, it is important to note that not all have had the same attention since they are only seven to have a pair in their colors: Atlanta United, Charlotte FC, New York City FC, New York Red Bulls, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and St. Louis City SC. Which one do you prefer ?

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