Adidas’ new FWD-02 Sport headphones want to seduce runners

Adidas doesn’t just make athletic apparel and footwear. The equipment manufacturer is also interested in their ears, with several audio products launched in recent months. Latest model: the FWD-02 Sport earphones.

Adidas continues to dig its furrow in the audio headphones market, launching the marketing of the FWD-02 Sport designed in collaboration with Zound Industries. These wireless headphones have been developed for athletes and especially runners. Moreover, the equipment manufacturer has called on its community to design the best possible headphones: Adidas members have participated in tests at each stage of product development.

Designed by runners

The FWD-02 Sport headphones have been designed to adapt perfectly to all types of ears thanks to interchangeable tips and ear hooks. Another advantage: the music control touch interface works whatever the weather conditions. It is also compatible when wearing gloves or with sweaty fingers. It’s not useless: the race makes you sweat everywhere!

Still on the subject of sweat, the headphones are IPX5 certified for water resistance. They store in a compact case which indicates the battery level, and which is made of a breathable material. This makes it easier to dry the headphones after use. Small originality: the lid of the box is removable to avoid breakage. Battery life is 6 hours per earbud, plus 19 hours with the case.

Credit: Adidas

The headphones also offer an Awareness mode designed for outdoor workouts. It allows you to hear what is happening around you and deactivates when you only want to hear the music. The price of the product is €169.99.

The FWD-02 Sport complete the range recently unveiled by Adidas, in which there are the ZNE 01 and ZNE 01 with noise cancellation, which are more oriented for urban music listening.

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