Adama Traoré has always thought of returning to Barça

FC Barcelona was active in the winter transfer window, recruiting four players, one of them even trained at the club. Adama Traoré left FC Barcelona in 2015, after only four small appearances in the Blaugrana jersey. He then joined England, where he had been playing since his departure. However, as a youngster from La Masia, Traoré only had one goal in mind: “I always thought about coming back to Barça, from the first minute I left. As I come from Barça, my intention was always to come back. Sometimes different paths are taken but the important thing is that the goal is the same. I’m here, that’s what I wanted and now I’m going to make the most of it. »

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For Mundo Deportivohe then returned to the role he could have in the locker room, given his strange status as a new elder in the locker room: “I think there are players who will surely be able to give better advice than me but I can advise them (the young players), I have been in the first team, with great players and historical and I can tell them what they told me at the time.” The Spaniard was in any case well received by his teammates: “many have texted me. Busi, Jordi, Ansu… welcoming me and telling me they were happy to have me back. »

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