Adam Silver’s cash update on the Nichols scandal

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has reacted strongly to controversy surrounding ESPN flagship journalist Rachel Nichols

Jun Sato / Garrett W. Ellwood

Author of a rare appearance in front of the media on the sidelines of the start of the NBA Finals, Adam Silver was obviously called upon to react to the Rachel Nichols controversy. The league commissioner was firm in his response.

In the absence of a Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the US media would probably only talk about this. In addition to the Suns’ inaugural victory in their series against the Bucks, the subject of the moment across the Atlantic is none other than the climate of tension that reigns in the offices ofESPN. In question : racial comments pronounced a year ago by Rachel Nichols.

Frustrated to see her colleague Maria Taylor inherit a position she coveted in the Orlando bubble, the famous journalist simply accused her superiors of favoritism linked to skin color. Following the revelation of her statements, she was obviously not slow to apologize publicly. Critics are raining down on him despite everything, which Adam Silver lamented in his last speech.

“Careers should not be erased for just one comment. – Adam Silver on Rachel Nichols

Instead of condemning Nichols’ actions, the league commissioner therefore prefers to recall his illustrious liabilities. All this, without forgetting to do the same for Maria Taylor, as reported by Mark Medina of USA Today.

It is truly unfortunate that two women in the media industry are ganged up against each other. Rachel and Maria are both great at what they do. They work extremely hard.

The great leader finally concluded his exit in a more political way, making it a common social phenomenon these days.

I expected that, over the past year, through some very difficult conversations, ESPN would find a way to get through this. This is obviously not the case. I should also say that these issues are not unique to ESPN. As I said before, the league is trying to solve its own diversity issues. It’s not just about sport, it’s in every business in the United States, and awareness is being raised.

Unlike many Internet users, Adam Silver has opted not to drag Rachel Nichols in the mud, and instead chooses to highlight the rest of her career. A reaction that will certainly not earn him praise.

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