Accused of racism, misogyny and homophobia, Raiders coach resigns

By with AFP

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned, according to several US media on Monday, shaken by accusations of misogynistic and homophobic remarks, after having already been accused of making racist remarks a few days ago

Mr. Gruden resigned after meeting with Raiders owner Mark Davis earlier Monday, according to NFL Network and ESPN. Jon Gruden’s move comes after a tumultuous 72-hour period that began on Friday when the Wall Street Journal revealed that the coach had used a racist comparison to describe the leader of the players’ union, DeMaurice Smith. In the email, Gruden describes Smith as having « lips the size of Michelin tires, » words that appeal to the imagery of racist cartoons.

The National Football League (NFL) condemned the email in a statement, calling it « appalling, odious and totally contrary to the values ​​of the NFL. » In comments to ESPN over the weekend, Gruden said he was « ashamed » of her comments, insisting there was « not a hint of racism » in him.


But last Monday, the New York Times said it looked at several other emails from the coach in which he used anti-gay and misogynistic slurs to denigrate issues such as the emergence of female referees or the recruitment of a gay player. . In other emails, he made fun of players who protested during the US national anthem, demanding that they be fired.

In emails reviewed by the daily, Jon Gruden also used anti-gay slurs to attack NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, whom he calls a « queer » and « no-football pussy. brains ”. The Times reported that the emails were from a separate work misconduct investigation that did not directly involve Gruden.

These emails were intended for Bruce Allen, former president of the Washington football team, while Jon Gruden was working as a studio analyst for ESPN. Mr. Gruden returned to training with the Raiders in 2018 after a ten-year absence.

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