Above all, La Berri must not lose at St Brieuc to get even closer to the podium

This is not the course of a team that is heading straight for league 2 accession. Indeed, the Berri have a more than correct record at home, apart from a 2-0 defeat against Concarneau which propelled Marco Simone towards the exit. The Castelroussins remain on seven wins, three draws and only one loss against the Bretons of Concarneau. In contrast, outside, the record is very average : two successes at Laval and Red Star, three draws and above all four defeats!

« We must bring about success »

During their last two outings at Bastia-Borgo, a 2-0 defeat, and at Le Mans, a 1-0 defeat there too, the Castelroussins have rectified the situation perfectly by two convincing successes: 3-1 against Avranches and 4-1 against Créteil. « It is imperative that we manage to score first on the outside, this is what will allow us to switch to the right side, specifies Mathieu Chabert, the Castelroussin trainer. _We must be in the action and bring about successand. There’s no reason we should be able to do it at home and not outside. »

The Bretons struggle not to dive into the red zone

In the first leg on the magnificent lawn of the Gaston-Petit stadium, the Bretons and the Berrichons had left with the score of 0 to 0, at the end of a match that will not remain in the annals. Today, St Brieuc, with five victories in twenty days, is fighting for do not fall into the red zone. The Bretons are just above the waterline and Didier Santini’s players have lost only once at home since the end of September, 1-0 against Créteil. The Berrichons are therefore warned.

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