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Rediscover this intrinsic rivalry, relive the fratricidal war between the Blues and the Reds, between these two hometowns of the Nation, our splendid Quebec …

Lifting your nose at this prospect can only be achieved by two things: a love phoney hockey or willful blindness resulting from the satisfaction of the little bread.

Many of you « shoveled » me as if my name was February following the text about the return of the Nordics « thanks » to COVID-19. It is commendable as much as I stick to my positions. Power is economic, Gary Bettman will follow the trail of money and Quebec will logically win, just like the Texan Houston.

From Florida to Quebec

The transfer of the Panthers to Quebec is what makes the most sense. But common sense is seldom abundant in NHL pharmacies in Manhattan. Do not rule out the transfer of the Ottawa Senators from one capital to another without « damaging » the American card … Or an expansion of the executives with the addition of concessions 33 and 34 in Quebec and Kansas City. Did you just choke on your sip of coffee? And yet … Hockey is the North American professional sport which benefits from the greatest area of ​​development and recruitment.

Just in the United States the growth is exponential. Add the emergence of countries like Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark and understand that the NHL can afford to increase the number of franchises to 34, diluting Canadian content in the process, even including Quebec.

All this, I insist, was a utopia before the pandemic. But it will take a lot of new money in quantity, and only new franchises or transfers with taxation of existing concessions will quickly fill this need.

The beautiful dream

But back to the beautiful dream. On the principle of 32 teams including Quebec, the Nordiques would logically end up with the Canadian, the Leafs and the Senators in the same division. Three natural rivalries fueled by six annual meetings. The classic Montreal-Quebec holiday return trip could come back to life …

Fervent Bruins would not be outdone since Boston could find itself in the twin division of the same conference with Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Columbus, clubs that Montreal and Quebec could face four times per season.

Finally, the 24 other franchises of the circuit would compete with the forces of the Nation on two occasions, ensuring the supporters of the Bell and Videotron centers the passage of Western superstars like McDavid and MacKinnon once a year.

Take out your « stress calculation », that’s 82 regular games, with the addition of natural rivalries (Montreal-Quebec / Dallas-Houston) and maintenance of existing rivalries (Montreal-Boston / Quebec-Boston).

Advice to Gary: get the top two in each section and the top four thirds into the playoffs. Make them eliminate each other inside the divisions. Your chances of finding yourself with Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup final will be a little more stupid … Sorry, but you have to offer sales arguments to the real bosses, the Americans …

Heart stroke

Kim clavel

Photo courtesy, GYM

Kim clavel

Never too late to do it right. Kim Clavel is fascinating! We had only rightly for Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire, but the dedicated nurse and candidate for a world boxing title deserves at least as much light. She is the recipient of the Pat-Tillman Award at the prestigious EPSY Awards, and now the Time Magazine lists her in the Top 10 of the leading personalities of tomorrow. And that’s just the start … Well done Kim!


To Ronald Corey who on October 20, 1995 appointed Réjean Houle and Mario Tremblay to the positions of general manager and head coach of the Canadiens. The CH had lost its first four games under Serge Savard and Jacques Demers, scoring four small goals against 20. But why the panic? Why this gesture which was going to sink the Canadian for a few decades? I come back to this in the Tuesday edition …

A little 2 on …

A resumption of the NBA before the NHL. More conservative, the National League rarely launches the movement. Gary Bettman seems to be following the decisions of other professional leagues in America, especially the NBA. The latter can resume in camera; the NHL less. But Bettman and his owners will have no choice but to follow suit. As in following the parade …

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