Abominable, LeBron reacts cash to his disaster-class!

Holder for the first pre-season game of the Lakers, this Monday, LeBron James was surprisingly in big trouble, like his team. Realistic, the King returned without detour to his point zero, an unprecedented phenomenon in his career!

Despite the lack of stakes in this type of meeting, fans are always impatient at this time of year. The NBA pre-season has finally arrived, and saw several top franchises find their way to the courts on Monday. Among them, the Lakers, who advanced against Sacramento with a five that should look like the one lined up during Opening Night. Without surprise, LeBron James was therefore part of it.

Saved on several preparation matches last year, the King was therefore delighted to have been able to restart the machine so early:

For me, what matters is finding the rhythm and perfecting my physical condition. I’m using these matches to apply the things we’ve been working on in recent days, of course, but also to pick up the pace.

Clumsy as ever, LeBron James remains serene

Unfortunately for LeBron and his team, his return to the field didn’t go as well as expected. On his 16 minutes of play, the leader angelino was indeed unable to register the slightest shot (0/7 shooting, 0/2 to 3 points)! His 4 free throws scored, as well as his 2 assists and 1 rebound did not allow him to save appearances either. Asked about this major failure, he logically did not want to give in to alarmism:

I just missed shots, that’s all. I missed 3 layups including one wide open, and a few 3 point shots. I’ve been this clumsy before, but I was just playing more minutes. I started games at 0/9, but played 35-40 minutes, which I eventually found my rhythm. There, after 15 minutes, it was over. But that doesn’t bother me at all.

Here, what is important is to work on our offensive and defensive game, and to apply the things we work on in training. And tonight, we all found ourselves in good shooting positions.

Forget then the insipid statistics and the terrible result obtained : LBJ and his clique were above all looking for automation. An observation that turned out to be all the more true for the Big-Three of the franchise that he composes with Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, whom he dreams of seeing more regularly aligned in the coming months:

All that matters is the time we spend together on the court. The more time and minutes we spend together, the more comfortable we will be. Like I said before, we only played 23 games together last season, and that wasn’t enough to see what we’re capable of. Hopefully we’ll surpass that total this year.

Above all for his great recovery, LeBron James makes his experience speak, and does not wish to draw hasty lessons following this poor performance. After all, the pre-season is also made to set the sights, even for the King!

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