Abdoulaye Seck, Lions defender:  »I’m not going to see the coach to tell him I have to play »

Often called up to the national team by Aliou Cissé, Abdoulaye Seck has still not managed to win in the lair. But the defender of Royal Antwep (Belgian elite), still keeps hope. The former Diambars player intends to seize his chance when the coach trusts him. Present at the reception of the African Cup trophy on Wednesday in Mbour, Abdoulaye Seck also returned to the results of his season, the Senegalese championship, among other current sports topics.

You had not played any match at CAN 2023. How did you experience that?

I have no regrets. Every African player dreams of playing the CAN, especially me who was in my first. I hurt myself from the first day, but I give thanks to God, because he is our creator. I just tell myself that it is God’s decision and I comply. Maybe I can play at my next AFCON. I only played against Benin and Rwanda (matches that counted for the first and second day of the CAN 2023 qualifiers), but I am a patient person. Every player dreams of being a starter when they are called upon for the Senegalese national team, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to see the coach to make him understand that I have to play. It is he who makes his choices. When he gives me my chance, I’ll take it. I am not impatient. There are a lot of players in the national team and maybe my time hasn’t come yet. I will surely play when my hour strikes. I didn’t think I would join this national team, that’s why I’m biding my time.

What is your assessment of your season with your Club Royal Antwep?

I didn’t have the season I wanted because I wanted to win the championship, but we finished in fourth place. Nevertheless it was a good season even if we had difficulties. But it is football that is made that way. I will get back to work to have a better season.

What do you think of the participation of the Lions in particular the first match against the Netherlands?

We are hopeful. You always have to aim far when you play football. Maybe many didn’t think we were going to win the AFCON but we did it thanks to our motivation and our confidence in our abilities. Why not do the same thing again and win the World Cup. The first game against the Netherlands will be a game like any other. They have quality players, we have it too. In the field, a few small details will make the difference. But I think we have the potential to make a good World Cup because we have players who play at the top level.

What do you think of Sadio Mané who claims the Golden Ball

I have the same look as those of the Senegalese. Everyone knows he’s a great player with great qualities. I want him to win the Ballon d’Or like all Senegalese.

What is your analysis of football with the Mbour Petite Côte descent and the Stade de Mbour ascent, two clubs in your stronghold?

I spoke about it the last time with President Mbaye Diouf Dia. Football is like that. There are ups and downs. It’s not every day you win. I encourage them to work to regain their place, especially since the Stade de Mbour has gone the opposite way. I congratulate the Stadistes and encourage the Pelicans to perfect themselves to return to Ligue 1.

On the other side your former, Casa Sports is champion of Senegal…

I congratulate them because it is a club that marked me. When I found out that Casa was Champion of Senegal, it made me happy. I am still in contact with them and I can only rejoice in their success.

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