Aaron Sanchez nominated for subpoena by Giants

The San Francisco Giants took a bet, in 2021, to see Aaron Sanchez recover from his last difficult seasons. He therefore received a one-year contract.

But unfortunately for him, the results are not there. He was therefore designated for assignment (DFA) by the Giants.

He will therefore either be released, sent to the minors (which is unlikely) or claimed on waivers by another team.

What you need to know is that being DFA has the effect of leaving the lineup of 40 players on a team. Under such conditions, he could therefore change teams, even if the deadline has passed.

He still has $ 1.2 million to touch in 2021 and it is unlikely that a team will claim it on waivers. Instead, he should become a free agent, which will ensure that his new (potential) team will have him at minimum wage, leaving the balance of his salary to the Giants.

Sanchez had started the season well, but injuries slowed him down. He never regained his rhythm and blisters (the story of his career) kept him from picking up his pace.

Will a team pick him up as a starter? I doubt it, he who did not go far in the matches – as was the case in particular last night. I potentially see him as a guy who can help in succession.

Isn’t there one of its former teams that needs relief assistance in the Queen City, precisely? I say that the same …

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