Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) scores his 60th home run of the season

The New York Yankees defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates (9-8) on Tuesday in the MLB regular season. And, during this game, Aaron Judge, the star of the New York franchise, hit his 60th home run of the season. He thus became the sixth player in North American pro league history to reach this milestone in one season.

The legendary Babe Ruth, considered the best baseball player of all time, was the first to register 60 HR’s, in 1927. His record was beaten in 1962 by Roger Maris (61). Both also played for the Yankees.

Bonds, record holder with 73 home runs

Then, in 1998, Mark McGwire (St Louis) and Sammy Sosa (Chicago) fought a fine duel to claim the most envied record in MLB. McGwire (70 home runs) had the upper hand (66 for Sosa, yet elected MVP, because he had allowed his team to go to the play-offs).

San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds snatched the record from McGwire in 2001, hitting 73 HR’s. A brand that still stands today.

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