Aaron Hicks closes in on Baltimore deal


Aaron Hicks is about to find a new job.

The former Yankees outfielder, according to several baseball insiders, is about to agree with the Orioles on the terms of a contract bringing him to Baltimore.

Since the Yankees are still paying him around $10 million per season, he will sign at minimum wage. The Yankees will be able to deduct the minimum from their payrollbut will be responsible for the rest of the amount.

So they’re going to pay him to play for a division rival, basically.

To me, that’s a great risk for the Orioles, one of the great teams in baseball. Hicks can be a good ball player and he’s going to mentor the youngsters there through his experience.

He will especially help to replace (in part, not alone) Cedric Mullins, who was injured. Depth is what it takes in baseball.

If that doesn’t work out, he can still be released, which isn’t exactly a big financial risk for Baltimore, which has a small payroll. What if it works? He will be a good ball player on the cheap. Well done, then.

*Update: The contract is official.


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