A youtubeur has his Porsche GT3 destroyed! (+ video)

Video: A car youtuber’s weekend on the famous Tail of the Dragon road turned into a nightmare when his Porsche GT3 crashed!

A car YouTuber’s weekend with Porschiste friends, on the famous road Tail of the Dragon in the USA, turned into a nightmare when his 992 GT3 was hit by a truck with questionable driving.

Solid lines are for everyone

Adam LZ was driving over Deals Gap, a famous 18-mile mountain pass on the Carolina-Tennessee border when the accident happened. It is a very popular route with car and motorbike enthusiasts.

He was leading a convoy of members of the Smokies GT group, a non-profit community of car owners. Porsche which raises funds for good causes. He claims his GoPros were all off because he had already filmed a climb the day before.

However we can pretty much see the accident unfold from a camera attached to one of the Porsches a few cars away.

We see quite clearly a white Chevrolet Silverado crossing the road and the double solid yellow lines. The purpose of the maneuver seems to park on the other side of the road, on a stopping zone. The choice to do it in a blind turn and in such a cavalier way seems to be particularly bad all the same.

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A well-damaged GT3

The GT3 takes a bad hit to the front right, crushing the shield, shattering the headlight and pushing the right front wheel back into the passenger compartment. Fortunately, neither Adam LZ nor his passenger were seriously injured in the accident, the central structure of the 911 remaining intactalthough the youtuber has retained ugly bruises on his arm.

It’s hard to gauge from the video exactly how fast the Porsche convoy was moving at the time of the incident, but based on earlier footage they were probably not driving like « good family men ». But the fact is that the driver of the Silverado crossed the yellow lines.

From now on, Adam LZ must wait for the decision of his insurance after expertise. Let’s hope for him that his GT3 will be repairable because this is a copy with special painting on sample and manual transmission. In addition, GT3 delivery times are so long that ordering a new one seems complicated.

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