A young person from the SCO arrives in Italy


The new year is already here, and it is synonymous with the start of the transfer window for most clubs in Europe. In Angers, the holiday season has been punctuated by a good number of rumors in the direction of departures and arrivals, and this is likely to accelerate. Barely the first week of January started, the first movement has already been formalized.

Drawing : "Mercato Angers: A young SCO arrives in Italy"

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Within the French Ligue 1 championship, Angers should be one of the nerve centers for transfer window operations this winter. Yes many players in the workforce are coveted, like Angelo Fulgini or Mohamed Ali Cho to name a few, arrivals are already in the pipeline, while the sale of the club also occupies the minds. At this point, it’s a first start that has been recorded. While this does not directly impact the density of the occupational group, it is evidence of the difficulty that the club might experience to keep its young elements.

Destination Torino for this U17

16-year-old central defender, Jahid Taouri will not have had the opportunity to sign his first professional contract within his training club. Angers SCO let slip his player, who had previously played among the U17s for Italy, without being able to convince him to join the professional workforce. Wearing the SCO colors for almost a year and a half, the one who was among the Angevin players to play in the Youth League will now have as main objective to register in the rotation of the club of the city of Turin, in the north of Italy.

Whereas the central hinge of the Angevin workforce is completely at the end of the contract, and that the site at this level promises to be dense, the departure of a young player occupying this position raises questions. Have negotiations still been opened with the player? Is it a refusal on his part to extend the adventure on French soil, or the fruit of club policy? So that a young PSG player would be on the SCO radars for the winter, speculations do not seem about to end within the workforce of Gerald Baticle.


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