A year before the draft, Victor Wembanyama balances an ultra-cash declaration!

In a few months, Victor Wembanyama will leave French territory and fly to the United States, he who will present himself for the 2023 draft. Present during the Media Day of the French championship, the tricolor nugget has also announced the color reiterating its main objective.

Betclic Elite fans better savor Victor Wembanyama’s court appearances in 2022-23 as much as possible. Indeed, this will be the last season of the young pivot in France, he who decided to play it under the colors of Metropolitans 92 in Paris-Levallois. After that, he will head for the US, because we have known for a while that the great French hope will appear in the draft which will take place in June 2023.

Expectations are higher than ever on this subject, as far as the big man is concerned. Indeed, not only is he highly anticipated, but the scouts consider him outright the first choice favorite, to the point where some franchises like Spurs are already positioning themselves on him. Asked about it during the league’s Media Day, he made very clear comments about his ambition, relayed by journalist Benjamin Moubèche from the media The Analyst :

Wembanyama wants to be the first pick at all costs

Difficult to be more cash on the subject from the former ASVEL player, who intends to become the first Frenchman in history to be elected as the first pick. It must be said that with his technical background and his incredible measurements, the guy makes all observers across the Atlantic salivate, which practically guarantees him first class. As well as a very big pressure… but again, the V seems ready, explaining that he is not overly worried:

Obviously, the nugget has his head firmly screwed on his shoulders and knows perfectly well what awaits him. He has big demands on himself and is ready to assume them, in order to achieve what could become an anthology career in the NBA. In any case, that’s all we can wish for him, also hoping that his still quite frail physique does not disturb him too much during his debut in the big league.

Victor Wembanyama does not hide it, he hopes to become the first pick of the 2023 draft. If he continues to chain convincing performances, it should only be a formality, especially when we consider his potential.

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