A worried young star: « I want to go to G League »

The players chosen very high during the Draft generally have the ego that goes with it and the overwhelming ambition to march on the league… Unfortunately for a team, its 2nd choice of Draft does not have this conquering mentality. The proof, he claims a passage through the G League.

The NBA is full of young stars, and they’ve got a habit of shining. It suffices, for example, to see the start of the season of Ja Morant to understand that the new generation is ready to overshadow the old. The Grizzlies point guard is the league’s co-leading scorer with 28.7 points average, and he carries his team in the Top 8 of the Western Conference, proof that he is already a true leader.

And what about LaMelo Ball, franchise player of the surprising Hornets. We obviously expected progress from the team of Michael jordan, but maybe not at this point. The leader gives the impression that he can turn in a triple-double of average as Russell westbrook, he makes a Miles Bridges better in the form of his life even better, and Kelly Oubre brings him confidence and intensity.

James Wiseman deep in the hole mentally

Unfortunately, not all young players have such a stratospheric start to their careers… For example with the Warriors, James Wiseman has fallen a bit into oblivion. Injured, the young pivot is on the return, but unlike his colleagues in the 2020 vintage like Melo and Anthony Edwards, he does not seem ready to explode. Proof with a disturbing statement.

I would like to go down to G League to sharpen myself physically and mentally.

Two visions are opposed following this statement of James Wiseman. On the one hand, there are those who see this as a great proof of humility and who believe that a passage through the G League box will be beneficial for his career, but also for the Warriors who will find a player ready to bring quality minutes on his return. As long as the results are good, Steve Kerr is not in a hurry to bring him back anyway.

But for others, this statement is the very representation of James Wiseman’s lack of aggressiveness and determination, which greatly worried about his rookie season. As the No. 2 in Draft, a few fans would like to see the Pivot return with rage, knife between his teeth, and do anything to win straight into the Golden State rotation. It’s hard to imagine LaMelo Ball going through the G League box in the event of an injury for example …

James Wiseman is very different from the other players selected on the Draft podium. He wants to take his time, even if it means going through the G League box. The perception of this demand will strongly depend on the result …

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