A wonderful nod to the Nordics

The panorama of Lake Tahoe may be magnificent, but nothing will make Quebec talk more than the retro jerseys, bearing the Nordiques logo, that the players of the Colorado Avalanche will wear on Saturday, February 20, during the outdoor game. scheduled against the Vegas Golden Knights.

« It’s just a great place to host an outdoor game, especially in the context where you can’t accommodate fans, » commented Joe Sakic, general manager of the Avalanche and former Nordiques player, who does not is not without contributing to the bittersweet feeling of the most nostalgic.

“I think what is very good is to be on the ice. You look over the boards and there’s a lake, NHL senior facilities manager Derek King said on the tour’s website. It will be amazing to watch. I really think it will be unique, it will be exciting on game day.”

In addition to the meeting between the Avalanche (or the Nordiques, it depends) and the Golden Knights, a second game is scheduled for Lake Tahoe. The Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers are due to meet there on Sunday.

MacKinnon, the golfer

Even if the public is not admitted, the NHL has planned several activities as part of these games: tribute to health care workers, unveiling of a new song by punk rock group Green Day and… a hole. a shot on a golf course attempted by Avalanche player Nathan MacKinnon. The whole thing will be broadcast on the airwaves of TVA Sports.

MacKinnon’s challenge, which could raise $1 million for the NHL’s Learn to Play program and the Players’ Association, is a nod to a feat that Sakic achieved himself at 17and hole at the Edgewood Tahoe golf course in June 2011. The Avalanche general manager had actually hit his only hole-in-one in his life there, during a golf tournament intended for celebrities.

« If you’re in for a single hole-in-one, make sure it’s on TV, » joked Sakic, who naturally encourages his player to follow suit.

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