A white season for James Wiseman!


Operated on the right knee meniscus on April 15, 2021, James Wiseman will finally have had a white season in 2021-2022. The Warriors put an end to the suspense by formalizing his package until the end of the season, including the playoffs. Their pivot had experienced a relapse just after validating the last stage of his rehabilitation process by participating in two G-League games.

Taken in a race against the clock, Golden State did not want to rush the return of James Wiseman as explained by Bob Myers, the GM of the team.

« Throughout his rehabilitation process, we have insisted on being patient and will be looking out for James’ best interests to prepare for what is considered to be a long and successful career. », did he declare. “At 20, his whole career is ahead of him. For us as a franchise, our focus is on his long-term health, and we’re confident, along with our doctors, that this approach will help James become the player we believe he will be when ‘he will be back on the court’.

The franchise added that James Wiseman will not undergo additional surgery, but that he will continue his rehabilitation at the training center, rather focused on physical condition, muscle development, and also rest in order to try to make the pain go away.


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