a week of political news in Charente-Maritime


On Wednesday, June 7, the Regional Chamber of Accounts published a report on the Charente-Maritime substitute reserves union. Everyone will have their reading. The president, Françoise de Roffignac, also vice-president Water in the Department, remembers that the Syres could not carry out its mission because it was put in the way. Its two projects, in the Né and Boutonne basins, suffered legal setbacks. The survival of Syres is at stake. Françoise de Roffignac has a request. Let them build a basin, at least one, to see what happens…


Damned memory!

« I’m not resentful, I have a memory. We all know someone who has made this formula their own. Opponents of pension reform are among them. Wednesday, during the 14e day of demonstration, they again passed by the permanence of Olivier Falorni, to reproach him for his silence. Since it is a question of memory: it is amusing to remember that under the previous legislature, the La Rochelle parliamentarian belonged to the Freedoms and Territories group, which has just made the news with its bill aimed at repealing the pension reform. Like what, it took little for Olivier Falorni to find himself at the forefront of the challenge. But that was before. Today, it belongs to the Modem and Independents group. More Modem than independent, say its critics.

Dirty hands

Estelle Leprêtre, sub-prefect of the arrondissement of Jonzac, seems very keen on clean hands. On May 5, during a visit to Chevanceaux by a return-to-work workshop that promotes self-esteem and prepares for job interviews, she indicated, twice, how many his eyes, his hands, when they are not « super clean », could be a hindrance to recruitment. Certainly. But be careful with appearances. Calloused, rough or cracked hands, attacked by dirt or grease are also those of those who work hard…

Cold shower in Tonnay-Charente

Bad news for bathing enthusiasts in the Pays rochefortais since the municipal swimming pool of Tonnay-Charente, open only in summer, suffered a technical incident and can only accommodate 50 people in the pool. While only one shower works, and with cold water! A few kilometers away in Rochefort, the venerable Jean Langet swimming pool dates from the end of the 1960s. rochefortaise stays the course to reach retirement age after having passed the age of 60…

Squaring the circle


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