A Warriors star soon to leave?

The Warriors are in a difficult financial situation, to the point that the front office will have to make choices in the coming months. Jordan Poole is concerned, as is Andrew Wiggins, or even Draymond Green. It is not yet known who will leave, but leads are starting to emerge for the summer of 2023. The Dubs will have to be wary of the competition.

Defending champions, the Warriors still have the means to defend their crown for the season which will begin in October. Afterwards ? It will be a little more confusing, since players like Draymond Green could leave. The interior is targeted first because it asks for a max contract to stay, which the front office refuses. A change of conference is also possible for Draymond, who could land in a surprise team.

The situation is complicated, especially since some players have not yet extended. Here, we especially think of Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, who will be able to leave the ship in a year. The only difference ? The second city will be a restricted free agent, Golden State will therefore have priority, which does not mean that the front office is ready to retain him, far from it.

Jordan Poole to the Eastern Conference?

Given the player’s performance, there is no doubt that teams will be interested in him, at least if the Dubs refuse to retain him. An organization that should be noted? The Magic, which seeks to relaunch on the eastern side. With Paolo Banchero, the franchise wants to do very badly in the future, and could choose to bet on young talents, like Jordan Poole.

Here’s what an executive explains about the Warrior and Orlando to Heavy.com:

I’d watch out for the Magic, who are already set to make an offer when they’re a restricted free agent, knowing that Golden State has a good chance of not matching that offer.

Nothing confirmed obviously, but if the Dubs refuse to offer the player a contract extension this summer, it is likely that the directors will do what is necessary to keep him in a year.

We are still talking about a player with 18.5 points and 4 assists on average, and who has shown great things in a starter role. The kind of profile that appeals to rebuilding franchises, like the Magic:

The Magic are clearly looking to build something with Paolo as a winger, with his passing ability. I think they will therefore need a top scorer behind the arc as well. If you put Poole with Paolo, alongside Franz Wagner, it’s a very exciting young team.

Will the Magic be interested in Jordan Poole? If the Warriors shooter is available in a year, we can be sure the answer will be yes. Be careful not to play with fire on the side of Golden State, especially with all these players to extend.

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